• Growing medium
  • Holds water and nutrients, releases as required
  • It is also used as a water retention product for plants.
  • Excellent for root cutting.
  • Sterility prevents ‘damping off’ during transplanting


    Insulating and lightweight properties allow for applications in:
  • Loose fill insulation in masonry construction and attics
  • Loose fill in hollow cavities reduces noise transmission
  • Lightweight aggregate for fire insulation concretes
  • Manufacture of passive fire protection products
  • Fire resistant building boards
  • Chimney Lining

Industrial Use

  • Ease of bonding with other materials(friction linings)
  • Absorbent, suitable for packing of hazardous materials
  • High temperature insulation, hot plates
  • Hot topping to prevent loss of heat
  • Paint additive to improve flame retardancy