Definition of Vermiculite

Vermiculite is a hydrous phyllosilicate mineral that has various applications across different industries including agriculture, construction and industrial fields.

Vermiculite Applications

Vermiculite has many uses. In farming, it is used to enhance germination, root and shoot development. Vermiculite continues to provide the benefits of moisture retention throughout the growth cycle.

Vermiculite Properties

High water retention capacity optimizing water efficiency, High cation exchange capacity (CEC), Aeration and thermal properties, Vermiculite has excellent insulation properties, Fireproofing etc etc

EcoLite Minerals Ltd

Ecolite aims to popularise vermiculite above other substitutes and to develop value added products such as organic compost, animal feed pre-mix products(medicinal & nutritional), light-weight concrete blocks, re-usable fire lighters, insulation boards, refractory bricks and fireproof sprays. It also aims to make exfoliated vermiculite products accessible to the local farmers.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop the Vermiculite market in East Africa by establishing a group of companies where the existing skills and resources can be shared across a single platform to favor the emergence of the ‘best in class’ approach and to promote synergies and the thriving of new ideas for the creation of long term value for all of the stakeholders.
Our corporate culture is based on work ethic, professional behavior, endurance, transparency in communication, partnership spirit and a compassionate and inclusive relation with the local community which is the backbone of any project.